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Breweries » Brasserie dEbly

Brasserie dEbly

The place called "La Corne du Bois des Hung" comes from a tragic event occurred in the seventeenth century during the terrible war of 30 years.
Beers:  Corne Triple
La Corne
La Corne Black
La Corne 33cl   La Corne 33cl
Address:  Europe» Belgium» Ebly
6860 Rue Champs Claire 70
Province:  Luxembourg
Phone:  +32 474638962
E-mail:  info@lacorneduboisdespendus.com
Web Site:  www.lacorneduboisdespendus.com, www.lacorneduboisdespendus.be
The Legend of Cornelius

In the seventeenth century there lived a legendary brewer named Cornelius . His great fame and prosperity came to him the extraordinary beer it was only to stir and he jealously guarded the secret , to the chagrin of all the brewers in the area. Although there were many who tried to imitate , but none ever succeeded . Unfortunately , a sad day in February 1636, Friday 13, a terrible bloodthirsty horde of looters stopped by and there massacred men , women and children until there is no more a soul in the area and surroundings. Many were hanged from trees wood bordering the funeral bloodbath . Fortunately , Cornelius manages to bury his secret recipe at the foot of a large oak tree shortly before being captured by the dark mercenaries . The place where lies the recipe for this is still a mystery and no one succeeds never find out ... but since that fateful day that the forest where the poor were hanged is haunted by the ghost of Cornelius, that appears with the rope still around his neck and whispering tirelessly these words: " To whoever drinks of beer from the Horn of Hung Wood uttered the following words : " GLORY TO THE HORN HAS CORNELIUS AND HANGED TO ALL OF WOOD , HEALTH WITHOUT PITY " will be granted eternal life . "

Source:   www.lacorneduboisdespendus.com

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