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All Beers » Goliath Tripel
750 ml 
Goliath Tripel 750 ml, Des Legendes at Beer Planet, online Belgian beer store

Goliath Tripel

Rating: 3
Ath, Belgium, the City of Giants, is famous for its annual Parade of Giants. Every year, Goliath whose name is pronounced Gouyasse in the local dialect leads the parade. The Brasserie des Geants (Giants Brewery), in Ath, did not think long before naming its first brew Gouyasse. Gouyasse is a golden Belgian ale, and a nice one.
Country: Belgium
Brewery: Brasserie des Legendes
Alcohol: 9.00  %
Served: 8-12  °C
Type: Ale

Goliath Tripel, Brasserie des Legendes

Pierre and Vinciane, the young couple who built the brewery and started selling Geants beer in the year 2000, had the brilliant idea of turning the fourteenth century medieval castle of Irchonwelz into a brewery. It is made all of ancient stone and amazingly well-preserved, with a beautiful, uneven red tile roof, formidable enclosing wall, and a huge gate that is easily high enough to accommodate the occasional visiting giant.

Goliath is 9% alcohol by volume, a little more red in the face than your average tripel (almost an amber, really), nicely balanced with a bracing hop note versus a solid malt wallop. Goliath is the only Tripel in Belgium that is all malt without any sugar or other additives in. (Everyone else uses some sugar to thin out their Tripels, which gives them alcohol, without the body that you normally get from malt.) That means Goliath starts out a bit sweeter than some, but over time, as the live yeast in the bottle do their work, it gets drier and more punchy. The first batch, after about half a year in the bottle, is about where we want it, but it will probably become a greater beer as time goes by. We recommend that you check in on Goliath every once in a while.

By the way, just as they were fermenting the first batch of Goliath, Pierre and Vinciane had their first child, a little boy, petit Guillaume. A toast, to the next generation of Geants brewers

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